I am a Lawyer by profession and I intend to be the same for the rest of my life (future side business and blogging aside). As a beginner I observe things and I try to analyse it in the little time of isolation that I get. One wonders how to make big in this profession. Of course, people from outside of this profession think that even young lawyers keep a machine for counting the heap of money that we get as fees. Well to end your guessing and wondering-NO. As young lawyers we hardly get any money. I mean forget about getting “salary” from senior, the client (if any) that we get either do not trust us to be a good lawyer or do not pay us at all or give us 50 or 100 rupees maybe more for starters, I mean if you are lucky enough. I wrote “salary” because 10k is the starting amount that one gets in a good office (IMAGINE!) otherwise no pay for a first few months or 2000-3000-5000 whatever your senior feels like. Now all of that is for people like me. Let’s talk about those who come from a background of lawyers or judges or both in the family. Life (professionally) comes easy to them. When we think of how to get client who can pay good or get a panel or something for a fixed earning per month these good fellows have no such worries. Life’s motto indeed is Hakuna Matata for them. Not that all of them are spoiled brats who know nothing about law and of course who am I to judge. Also, I do feel like there are people who have taken the legacies of their fathers and forefathers way further and they are inspiration for me. I will indeed write about them. But today my focus is on how in our profession classes are divided. As a person with absolutely no high-profile connection one can with dedication and hard work become an average earning lawyer-basically, middle class lawyer. Having said that I genuinely feel that the class-system very much exists in our profession. Of course, there are bad/good lawyers I will write about it in another blog but there are also high class, middle class and lower-class lawyers. High class lawyers have companies, high ranked officials, big tycoons and businessmen as their clients and accordingly, they get paid high and come in big cars that you someday wish to own and they have beautiful offices that you someday wish to have. Middle class lawyers are those who earn moderate fees from their clients like 25-50k or so and have cars and offices that seem like- you can own all that literally if you go by the plan. Lower class is that class in lawyers that you see outside district courts or on roads standing all day asking you for your cases or whether you need any kind of legal assistance. Not that I find it bad in any manner and yet again I am nobody to judge but they have a life which as a young professional you will fear living even in your dreams. Imagine their daily life struggles. I wonder how these barriers of class can be broken?! How can
one jump from a middle-class lawyer group to a high class lawyer group?! I wish to find the answers and write a blog about it someday. Until then Struggle is the only word that comes to my mind.


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