5 of the Future Car Concepts To Hit The Shelves One Day

We’ve seen so many transformations on car technologies from the ancient period to the present time and we can’t wait to see another series of changes in the future. Maybe we’re uncertain of what the future has in store for the automotive industry but we firmly claim it that innovations are most likely to happen in the next twenty years. In fact, car manufacturers have introduced the market to several technological advancements including these electric vehicles version 2.0, hybrid transportations, hover cars, with high-tech features like transportation management system (TMS), Global Positioning System GPS, and other innovative car accessories that are built for safety, entertainment, and usefulness.

All the transformations that are currently being tested together with the ones that we see on the road these days only prove that the world keeps on moving forward. Mainly because people crave for more. And so, manufacturers keep on giving what the people demand. So based on what we’ve seen so far, we give you a sneak peek on the new technologies that will most likely hit the market in the future.

Self-driving Cars

The concept of self-driving cars is no longer a new idea for everyone. We’ve heard and seen this innovation in certain countries around the world. These cars are mostly used for business-related aspects like parcel deliveries or public transit. But can you imagine half of the world’s population riding on a self-driving car?

Manufacturers are attempting to make mass production possible but they admit that they still need enough time for this. What they have in mind is if mass production happens, self-driving cars would most likely have the option to join in platooning. Platooning is the process of linking multiple vehicular units to act as one. They believe that this can reduce the accidents on the road since the multiple vehicles are set up to communicate with one another. The process of communication will be discussed in the next bullet point.

Upon several road tests, some people expect to see this sort of innovation in showrooms in the next decade.  

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) Communication

Another developing technology is called V2V communication wherein vehicles will have the ability to communicate with one another through wireless signals that send the information back and forth between them. The concept of communicating cars have the same purpose of reducing the records of road accidents around the world. Manufacturers, together with the U.S. government, are still considering how digitization can help in making communication among cars more possible.

Imagine you’re on the intersection road. The communicating car gets a signal from other vehicles stating that a red light is in your path. Your car will then notify you to stop in case you haven’t noticed it. While some careless drivers have the habit of running through the red lights, communicating cars will have the ability to automatically hit the break to avoid accidents.    

Augmented Reality (AR) Dashboards

The concept of augmented reality (AR) dashboards will take you to your favorite Sci-fi movies like Terminator, Predator, and RoboCop. The AR dashboard will be an innovated version of an in-car GPS. AR will let your car identify the external objects in front of the driver and overlay the information through the windshield. The info includes descriptions towards a certain object and its distance from the vehicle.     

Airbags V 2.0

Mercedes-Benz is trying to reinvent the airbags into something more. The development includes features that would make the vehicles run slower or automatically stop once the airbags start to blow up. The purpose of this concept is to protect the driver and the passengers in three ways by blowing up the bag, stopping the car, and lifting it up by 8 inches to counter the hard brake.

Predictive Maintenance

Although there are certain devices that can be used to check the vehicle’s condition, some manufacturers are trying to develop built-in predictive maintenance that will notify the drivers if a certain part needs replacement. This is to secure the driving experience of all drivers to avoid chances of unforeseen breakdown that often leads to an accident.

By: Sarah Contreras

Sarah is a lifestyle blogger by heart and by profession. She currently writes for a digital marketing firm. What motivates Sarah to keep writing is her passion of providing information to all readers out there. She also dreams of writing her own book that will inspire the others one day.

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