7 Ways To Keep You Entertained While Traveling On The Road

Traveling can be both fun and boring sometimes. Especially when it takes several hours of riding on a plane, a rail transit, or a bus to reach your destination. Of course, some people don’t like wasting their time by just sitting still. Those who travel by group may enjoy the long ride considering they got one another but solo travelers might find it incredibly boring.

Luckily, there are several entertaining ways that you can do to have that blend of fun and productive travel experience. Prepare for a ride with the following tips to help you pass the time so quickly that you surely wouldn’t notice how long you’ve gotten so far.  

Take time to read and write.

This is perfect for passengers whose fascination is right in the books. If you’re one of them, try to bring some reading materials like your favorite novel, magazines, newspapers, or saved e-books from your mobile phone. Reading doesn’t only enthuse you but also improves your vocabulary, helps you articulate your thoughts and be a more creative thinker.

If you have more time, you can also find delight in writing whatever you want whether it be a blog, a poem, a journal, or any written things under the sun. Sometimes, you would experience a writer’s block that keeps you from putting your thoughts into words. If this happens, try to look around you and get motivated by other people and the scenic view from outside the window. Lose yourself in thought and create a candid picture in mind. And from there, you write.  

Play offline mobile games.

While some people are into reading and writing stuff, other passengers are more amused by mobile games. The day before you travel, make sure that you have downloaded all your favorite game apps to your mobile phone or tablet. Playing games will keep you entertained and keep your brain active and engaged at the same time.

Don’t forget to bring a power bank to give your gadgets the charge they need since most game apps can drain the battery life of these gadgets. You also have the option to bring traditional games such as puzzles, Rubik’s Cube, and solitaire cards.    

Use the vehicle’s Wi-fi

Some transits and minibus hire provide a WiFi connection on the entire trip. Take advantage of this option to access your social media accounts, visit online shopping sites, check your email or messenger apps, watch free online movies or catch up on your favorite Netflix series. This is something that most passengers usually do to make the trip go faster.

If WiFi’s not provided, you can bring your own portable broadband router or connect to your mobile hotspot if you need data.

Listen to music.

Take your earphones and listen to music to experience a cozy ride. A great playlist will surely take your thoughts to different places, depending on the song you’re listening to. And since everyone has their own choice of music, you can go for whatever song you like. While listening to it, you tend to relax and fall asleep. A long ride will exhaust your mind and body even if you’re just sitting so it’s to get some rest and sleep to regenerate your energy and feel more alive when you get off.        

Get some work done.

Instead of wasting hours doing nothing much on a long bus ride, try to make yourself productive by accomplishing your work ahead of time. You can check emails from clients and create drafts for a response,  do some advance research towards your business, or write memos and other work stuff.

Get along with new people.

Another way to keep you entertained is to get along with new people, particularly your seatmate. Sometimes, it’s good that you get to know your fellow passengers. Ask them about their trip, the places they’re about to visit and the ones they’ve been before. Creating small talks doesn’t only fight your boredom but also lets you learn something from other travelers.     


By: Sarah Contreras

Sarah is a lifestyle blogger by heart and by profession. She currently writes for a digital marketing firm. What motivates Sarah to keep writing is her passion of providing information to all readers out there. She also dreams of writing her own book that will inspire the others one day.

Sarah Contreras

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